It’s not the Camera but the Person Behind It!

The world’s best camera will not make you a better photographer only knowledge and “photographic seeing” will do that.  And that takes practice and the ability to learn.  Some photographers have gone overboard and say that it doesn’t matter which camera you use it’s all the same but I won’t go that far.  If you are taking photos of professional sporting events you need a high speed camera and lens contrary to the myth that the camera doesn’t matter because it does. Any decent camera will produce good results if you know what to do.   Pros can take a landscape photo with a box camera and say well it doesn’t matter because look how good it looks,   just as good as a your $1000 digital SLR.  Well there’s a bit trickery here that a professional can do that an amateur can’t. However, learn to understand your camera and your subject and to see things.  When you take a photograph learn to eliminate things! Eliminate everything but the essentials is your first lesson.  When you learn that you will be on your way to “photographic seeing”  (from the book Photographic Seeing by A. Fenniger). gene

Welcome to Digital Photography for Dummies!

I hope you like the site and the title is not to insult anyone but is meant to allow people to learn about digital photography without the hype. You’ll find hard hitting and real world analysis that will save you money.  You won’t find such criticisms from most sites because they try to please everyone but we are trying to please you so that you get the best deal and learn what you need to be successful.   So as we say on the stream…

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